Now Eat Healthy Pizza

Wanna eat pizza on every weekend? Wait, what! you are a health conscious person.Really! Dare i say you will forget about all your health consciousness while eating pizza next time? well, definitely! because the recipe i am gonna throw towards you is all about making a healthy pizza, that you can go with every weekend, i will not say everyday because for that you have to eat a cheese-less pizza, kidding! it will no longer be a pizza if cheese will be extracted from it, that's very obvious. here is the recipe for you:

1. Prepare the Pizza Base with Whole Wheat Flour

Lets begin with the beginning, stop buying and baking pizza bases made up of refined flour, which is hard to digest and create other problems like acidity.

1. knead whole wheat flour in curd, a little salt and leave it overnight, you will find a dough has been created in the morning

2. take out a small amount of dough rub it between the palm of your hands and give a round shape to it.

3. place it on the roller board and roll to the shape of a pizza base.

4. remember do not cut the base from periphery to give a round shape with a thin edged bowl ,it will make your pizza base hard

5. shift pizza base to a tray and bake it in the oven.

that's how your healthy pizza base will be ready

2. Spread Pizza Sauce on the Base

Once your pizza base is ready smeared it with pizza sauce, you can make it at home as well by using tomatoes and spices of your choice.

3. Replace 75% of Mozzarella Cheese with Goat Cheese

No i am not saying that mozzarella cheese is bad for health, of course it contains very nutritional substance like niacin and phosphorus but at the same time our heart can't comply with regular intake of saturated fats, it may end up narrowing of your blood vessels and raising blood pressure.On the other hand goat cheese which is comparatively lower in calories and saturated fats, thereby reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

1. after smearing pizza sauce spread some slice of mozzarella cheese and grated goat cheese you can again spread pizza sauce after placing the layer of cheese, it is optional and up to you, i always add the same to make it a little more tangy.

4. Oh! its Time for vegetables Now 

When it comes to add veggies, the first vegetable that strike in my head is always mushroom, i am in love with them.  You can add vegetables like capsicum, peas, carrot, bell peppers and most nutritious olives.It will make your pizza super healthy altogether.

1. chop down the vegetables of your choice, make sure they are healthy as well.

2. make a topping of it above the cheese layer of your pizza.

3. you can add a lot of vegetables as they are not going to harm in any way, more taste of your pizza will be enhanced by them.

5. Go for the Final Step 

Now its time to keep your pizza in the oven just for 5-10 minutes so that vegetables gets cooked. After 10 minutes remove it from the oven and ( my mouth getting watery) enjoy with chili flakes or oregano (could be prepared at home with spices and black salt) which are easily available.