Discrimination Against Women Through Marriage Institution in Indian Context

Prior to the establishment of the society men and women both were used to work outside from their home in order to manage their livelihood and had equal status. But after the set up of society, the institution of marriage came into existence and women started staying back at home during pregnancy and in order to rare the children. This is the moment when the status of women in society starts crumbling, as men became arrogant that they are doing the primary work of securing the livelihood and women's work is secondary which could be done by anyone. So if the knot of marriage is the root cause of all injustice to women then why don't we eradicate this institution? Why women are getting married to suffer from this discrimination? What a woman get out of marriage according to the perspective of Indian society:

1. Financial Security

Have you ever noticed that why only 20% boys continue their academic education and other 80% are lynching themselves towards technical courses which are more job oriented? When I was in university there were only three boys in the batch of thirty. It shows that women are not being prepared for the job market but their education is oriented towards teaching their future children. This is the reason why many educated girls are still financially depending upon their husbands.

2. Physical security 

Our society has a cheap relation between virginity and character of a woman. If a woman is virgin she has a character otherwise she is characterless. Sexual intercourse with multiple partners is the sole right of men and by the way, virginity got nothing to do with men in our society. If a woman engages in multiple sex partner she would be considered as a slut, whore, prostitute but no such word for men. wow, bingo!! Women in order to escape from the tag of a slut, whore or prostitute get them married so that they could be consumed by a single man only. ( i am sorry for the atrocious word  "consume", but that's what our society term it).

3. Jewellery

 Women get jewellery from their in-laws during a marriage which is considered as her property.

4. A Legal Father to the Children

Reproduction is the main factor around which the whole process of marriage revolves, people think that once you are married there will be a legal father for the children otherwise male partner would refuse to take the liability of their kids as happen in a case of girlfriend and boyfriend

5. Home

There has been a great debate about the real home of a woman, according to our society the real home of a woman is where her in-laws are residing. So according to it, marriage provides a woman with her own home. 

These are the reasons given by a society behind getting married. As far as my point of view is concerned this is all just fabricated fancies about marriage because:

1. There is no financial security women get from marriage as they are working all seven days of the week from morning to late night and if it is to be paid they will get very high wages as compared to what they are provided in a family.

2. The buzz about physical security is just a manipulation of the minds of women as we could see in many cases married women are being molested by a rapist.

3 If we talk about jewellery a woman get in the marriage you can consider that a rental jewellery in which you are not paying rent because you do not have the right to sell it or to gift it.

4. Then comes a super fabricated idea of your own home, trust me there is no home of women except the one she has purchased from her own money. At her parents home, she is treated as an alien which is to be transferred to her in-laws home after a certain period of time and her in-laws also treat her alien and all the rights related to the property are vested with their son only. If a woman demands her rights she is considered an immoral anti-social.

Eventually, the total output comes from a marriage to a woman is losing her identity for something not worthy of it. Men and women should be treated equally and an egalitarian approach must be there. Women should have an independent identity like men and she does not always belong to her father, husband or son. For that, there is a dire need to bring changes in our social institutions like marriage. more, govt policies need to be reformed which is also following this structure of patriarchy which tags a women's identity to her father, husband and son. We always heard wife of this and this, have you ever heard husband of xyz, NO! Think of it.